a never ending kalokairi

Born in the season of flowers, raised in the Mediterranean, hand crafted for people all around the world.

the one behind it all


RMIT fashion graduate, Despina-Nafsika is a Greek-Australian fashion and jewellery designer based in Melbourne.

Her cultural heritage and daydreams of nostalgic memories growing up in the Mediterranean, are the inspiration behind her soulfully made jewellery. Through her creations, Despina hopes to share and transport you her own treasured memories of sun-kissed summer afternoon walks, indulging in mezedes by the waves of the sea, or on an evening out with friends creating memories to the background music of bouzouki.

At POISE N BERRIES you will find beautiful pieces of jewellery to wear while creating your own magical forever lasting memories.

handcrafted in melbourne with




To create something with lots of love, soul and care. To put a piece of yourself into what you do.

Our jewellery is meant to be worn daily. Therefore, every single piece of jewellery is handmade to order by our founder & designer, Despina, using a range of quality materials, such as real gemstones & 14k gold filled finishings, to ensure the longevity of our pieces.


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